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Next Guided Juice Cleanse

Next fast dates:  September date TBD at Cocoa Beach Wellness Center. Be sure to select your preferred location when you sign up at the bottom of this page.

Why fast?

· Fasting is a powerful way to detoxify and rebalance the body’s systems. It has been used for centuries to clear the body of stored toxins, increase energy, promote well-being, improve health and increase longevity. It is even more critical in these modern times, as we are bombarded with numerous toxins from many sources.

· During a fast, the energy normally used for digestion can be freed up for complex toxin elimination and healing. Fasting can be like “wringing out a sponge full of dirty water” or “rebooting the system” – starting a new cycle of restored balance. Our bodies were designed so that during a fast the garbage (or toxic material) is burned first.

· By eliminating toxins, fasting has been known to help eliminate or prevent many diseases and purify the body on a cellular, emotional, and spiritual level. It helps eliminate unwanted materials from the body such as dead, dying, and diseased cells, fatty tissues and the toxins they hold, trans-fatty acids, excess mucus, cholesterol, chemicals, drugs, and other embedded toxins.

Our Program

There are many good fasting programs across the country, but many are expensive “live-in” programs which cost thousands of dollars. Our 7, 5, or 3 day Guided Juice Fast is designed to educate people about the benefits of juice fasting, how to make lifestyle and eating habit changes, and how to prioritize one’s health. We prefer juice fasting to water fasting or total fasting because most people are nutrient deficient and need to rebuild their systems while detoxifying. The reasonable cost includes a 20-item fasting package, fresh juices, books, a manual, and all the classes, guidance, support, and education. We are a program open to all faiths and walks of life. Pick up a flyer at Rockledge Gardens Farm Market for more information, or e-mail us and we can send it to you (in MS Word or pdf format). Applications and pre-cleanse information will be available in person at Rockledge Gardens Farm Market on most Wednesdays and Saturdays (10-3).

Classes and Support

The mandatory Fast Introduction Class is 6:00 to 9:00 pm the first Friday of your fast week. You will enjoy a liquid dinner and instruction about the fasting package and procedures. All other class times are discussed with the group on that first night. On Saturday and Sunday we typically meet from 4:00 to 5:30 pm for juice, sharing, and education. Monday through Friday classes are typically from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. with juice, sharing, and education. Information on other optional services and activities will be available during your classes.

What to Expect

While this fast is designed to allow people to continue working or with their daily lives, it is important to clear your schedule of every non-critical demand. The more time you spend caring for yourself and attending classes, the more productive and gentle your fast will be. It is typical for new fasters to be nervous as the fast approaches, but by the time you leave the first class you will be comfortable with your decision and the process of fasting. During the fast you will be drinking at least 10 drinks a day (2 fresh juices, 3 Green Magma® powdered green drinks, 2 fiber drinks, detox tea, veggie broth, Emergen-C, and water). To prepare for the liver/gallbladder flush, you’ll need 12 oz of organic apple juice to mix with the fiber and/or the green drinks for the first 3 days. On Monday or Tuesday night, you’ll also need 2 oz of olive oil and 4 oz of grapefruit or lemon juice for the flush.

For the first 2 days, some students experience hunger, headaches, stress of something new, etc. By Monday, most students are comfortable with the program and have very little hunger. Each individual experience varies, but you can expect to feel lethargic or flu-like at times and sharp and energetic at others. Weight loss is typical (but minimal for thinner folks), and continues to normalize after the fast.

How to Register

Classes are currently limited to 6-10 new people, depending on the location. You must either contact us or use the online PayPal links to make a deposit and reserve a spot. If the currently scheduled class is full, you will be contacted to work out options (usually next months Cleanse). At least a week before your fast you will be contacted to pick up your “pre-fast” package, containing books, products and instructions which will prepare you for the fast. This will enhance your elimination systems, lessen the initial fasting symptoms, and make the fast more productive.


7-Day Guided Juice Cleanse $495

5-Day Guided Juice Cleanse $450

3-Day Guided Juice Cleanse $425

Deposit for 7, 5, or 3-Day Cleanse - $250
to pay deposit only

Alumni (juice only for 7 days)- $90

Alumni with class (and Friday Raw Food Feast) - $125