Local Wellness Practitioner Referrals

Ma Chona Green
Massage Therapy (MA 68733)
Chona was providing massage at Appleseed (MM 27631) and is still available by appointment.
Rockledge, FL 32955

Dr. Jessica Schneider
Kingdom Health For Life
317 Magnolia Ave.
Merritt Island, FL 32952
Jessica has a Doctorate of Clinical Religous Counseling, a Bachelor's Degree of Holistic Nutrition, and is working on a Doctorate of Natural Health. She specializes in Contact Reflex Analysis.

Dr. Grady Goolsby, D.C.
317 Magnolia Ave.
Merrit Island, FL 32952
We have had a 15 year relationship with Grady, who is a top chiropractor and probably the earliest proponent of Contact Reflex Analysis in this area.


Rhonda Ford
Cocoa Beach Wellness Center
236 North Atlantic Ave.
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
Rhonda has taken our 7 Day Guided Juice Fast, and is one of our top referrals for colon hydrotherapy. She is also a certified colon hydrotherapy instructor and certified Naturopathic Practitioner.

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