Appleseed Closure News

1.       Why? We are ready and excited to pursue the next chapter of our lives, without the daily responsibilities of maintaining $100,000 in inventory and running a retail operation 6 days a week. We love Appleseed and our community, and they have been very important to us – but it is time for us to do something different (more on that below!). What really inspires us is the lifestyle changes and the smiles we have seen from the participants in our educational efforts, the joy that music brings, and the love we share with family and friends - and we need more time to devote to those things that are also important to us.

2.       When? We had worked with a local broker to see if someone wanted to buy Appleseed and continue to operate in our community, but that has not worked out and things will start moving quickly in the next few weeks. We will do a few clearances and final orders after Thanksgiving and expect to close before Christmas.

3.       What will you do? A lot! We have always wanted to develop more educational offerings for our community and working 6 days a week never afforded time to expand on this. The 7-Day Guided Juice Fast has been a blessing to us and the many participants, but not everyone is ready to go that deep, so we want to offer some more basic nutrition classes. Rene also needs more time to teach food preparation classes. We will also continue to offer the 7-Day Guided Juice Fast in new locations and possibly some new ways (such as retreats, or in combination with other healthy activities, etc.). We also expect to do some things through The Farm at Rockledge Gardens farmers market. The other big thing is music – we have been blessed to have this to do together as both entertainment and ministry and we want to pursue it to another level. We have been able to fit music in at Appleseed, but having more time to develop our music is very important to us. We also love to travel and explore the outdoors, and we look forward to visiting more with our family and friends. We feel blessed that we are at a point in our lives that we can enjoy doing these things! Additionally, we will enjoy spending more time on our garden and our home.

4.       How can I stay informed? Do not hesitate to ask whenever you are in the store, but also make sure you are either on the Appleseed email list, are following Appleseed on Facebook, or are checking the Appleseed website as we will continue to use these to communicate news and opportunities for education and healthy food.

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