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Message from Kurt and Rene: As we close the Appleseed chapter we have known for the last 25 years, we have reached the completion of our initial mission and are excited to pursue the next chapter in our lives and for Appleseed. We are very grateful to our customers, employees, and community as the personal interactions have fulfilled us even more than the business transactions. We look forward to new ways to express our creativity, and we will continue to be involved in health education and in providing healthy food and products to our community in new ways. If you would like to stay informed during this transition and in the future please make sure you are on our email list, are following us on Facebook, or are checking our website. During this transition, we will be announcing the schedule for our participation at The Farm at Rockledge Gardens and other locations in the community. We will be playing more music and developing new health education and buying club opportunities to offer our community, so we are not done!

Appleseed Health Food Co., Inc. was started in 1992 by Rene Maas-Nall who is still the owner today. Rene opened Appleseed with a vision of educating her community about the importance of vitamin and mineral supplement therapy and clean diet to combat disease in people’s life, and in pursuit of her own healing. Her mission has evolved to address the importance of raw foods and digestive health along with the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of wellness. Her primary role is currently as teacher of the Guided Juice Fasts, raw food preparation classes, and other related classes. There are many people who have played a vital role in the creation and support of Appleseed Health Food Store, such as Tammy Ecker (she was there at the beginning), and Kurt Nall (instrumental in the move to Pathfinder Way and subsequent operations).
Appleseed offered great stability with continued growth in our community for 25 years (1992-2007). After being open only 2 years, Appleseed moved locations to Highway US1 in Rockledge and doubled in size. Appleseed doubled in size again in July 2007 with the move to Pathfinder Way.

Meet Our Staff
Rene -- Creates and prepares many of the raw and dehydrated foods available both in the cafe and the cooler. Also teaches the 7 Day Guided Juice Cleanse. Her life has been quite a journey, from her declaration at age 9 that she would no longer eat meat! She actually teaches people to find what works for them - from raw, vegan, vegetarian, and more - it's about healthier choices. Sings in harmony with Kurt, in more than just music!
Produce, Products, & Support
Kurt -- Orders the produce and products, and generally does whatever needs to be done! Plays guitar and sings with his wife Rene, and loves all they create together at Appleseed.
Store Policies / Services
Must have receipt at time of return. We reserve the right to refuse returns of items specially ordered items or items opened depending upon the return policy of the manufacturer or supplier.
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